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Pharaoh Overlord Discography


  • 01. Rodent
  • 02. Palmyra Cali
  • 03. Cardinal
  • 04. Black Horse
  • 05. Cave of Hair pt 1
  • 06. Cave of Hair pt 2
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Lunar Jetman

SIGE012 - 2012
Limited to 530 copies, packaged in deluxe silkscreened jackets with inserts and hand stamped labels.

This is a pre-order for Feb 21st release.

To say that Finnish fiends Pharaoh Overlord (and their mothership conglomerate Circle), are cult heroes would be an understatement. Having conjured a formidable series of potent spells since their formation in 1999, the Overlords magical outpourings have garnered them a small legion of steadfast devotees. Though their homeland has been the breeding ground for many fine rock bands in the last quarter century, none have matched the quality, creativity and purity of spirit as personified by Pharaoh Overlord, and their aforementioned parent group Circle.

Though originally incarnated as a fire breathing serpent of riff encrusted Krautrock, subsequent muta-tions have generated an entire host of enchanting aural beasts. Seemingly adept at myriad forms of fringe musics - hypnotic stoner freakouts, improvised art rock, ambient hymnals, cyclic minimalism - the sprawling reach of the big P.O. seemingly knows no bounds. Most recently, these gentle gods of Finnish thunder brought forth a massive missive of Stadium Metal, aptly titled “Out of Darkness” proving once again the potency of their Midas touch and their mastery in the realm of the Rock. To what astral horizons their trajectory would lead them from there was a mystery as large as the cosmos through which they’ve traveled, but now the light of a new moon is upon us...

The recently completed “Lunar Jetman” serves as the perfect introduction to those unfamiliar with the previous works of the Pharaoh, and also as an expansion upon the greatest aspects of their back catalog for those long devoted. In observing their crafty movements through fields of interwoven harmonies, skittering dissonance, psyched up power chord mantras and lurching doom, it would appear that the Overlord’s power has only increased with time and experience. In the hands of those lesser skilled the command of such territories could prove disastrous, but over the Jetman’s five tracks, the band manages to unite all these ungainly sounds under one bold banner of cosmic gold. A single trip through the interplanetary realms of the Lunar Jetman will prove even to the most seasoned traveler that there are many universes yet worth knowing...