Replikas Discography



Peyote Müzik
peyote001 - 2009
Replikas, one of Turkey’s pioneering rock bands, released their 5th album ‘Zerre’ in November, 2008 with Peyote Music.

In order to capture huge and organic sounds not found in a normal studio, the band went to Gokceada (an island in the Aegean Sea) and transformed a former prison into a recording studio. Production, recording and mix processes were carried out by Replikas members and mastering was done by Kim Rosen in New York’s West West Side Studios. (Radio 4, Franz Ferdinand, Animal Collective, The Liars and Trans-Am have also had their albums mastered there.)

5th Album in 15 years

Replikas was founded in 1993 in Istanbul and has released the following albums:
• Köledoyuran 2000 (Ada Music)
• Dadaruhi 2002 (Ada Music)
• Avaz 2005 (Doublemoon)
• FM - a soundtrack album- 2006( Pozitif Publishing)
• Zerre 2008 (Peyote Music)

Replikas has been involved in compilations released in the USA, Europe and Turkey.

The band has also made film scores for the famous directors Serdar Akar and Kutlug Ataman and won the best soundtrack album award by SİYAD( Cinema Critics Association) In addition Replikas was also in Fatih Akın’s ‘Crossing The Bridge’ documentary about the Istanbul music scene.

Replikas plays a combination of Anatolian Music and Post-Punk, Kraut Rock, No Wave and Electronic Music in their own loud electric style.

Replikas has performed in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Belgium and joined the biggest festivals in Turkey. They opened for Sonic Youth, Mogwai, Alanis Morissette and Skin.