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Servile Sect Discography


  • 01. Merkaba
  • 02. Sinning In Space
  • 03. Signature Frequencies
  • 04. Rotting Light
  • 05. Bleeder
  • 06. Cut The Root
  • 07. Mountains Lurk
  • 08. Neon Gates Of Hades
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Handmade Birds
HB-033 - 2012

Summer Solstice, 2011, Servile Sect released the "Trvth" LP, to tremendous critical acclaim, and it sold out rapidly. Winter Solstice, 2011, they return with a companion to the "Trvth" LP. "Svrrender" is the most exciting material yet from SS, and dare we say it...our favorite. If you are still hunting for a copy of "Trvth," don't miss this one.

CS30 cassette, pro-dubbed

Edition: 250 copies; art by Demian Johnston.