Gatefold LP
No longer available.

Sutekh Hexen Discography


  • 01. Isvar Savasana
  • 02. Lead Us In Warfare
  • 03. La Det Blilys
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Handmade Birds
HB-034 - 2012

"[with Larvae] The dynamic range of this outfit has increased, tenfold. The darkness is felt that much more thanks to the light. It highlights the catharsis in a way I wish more noise related projects would understand. I give Larvae LURKER's highest recommendation for its colossal ability to affect the listener. A voyage quite unlike anything I have taken in a long time." - Lurker

Art by Kevin Gan Yuen and Dwid Hellion. 
Mastered by James Plotkin.

CD Edition: 500 copies DVDigipak, gorgeous matte with spot UV