The End is Near

Thrill Jockey
12.32 - 2009

The 12” is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide. Get orders in ASAP as this is sure to sell out instantly!

The End Is Near features four tracks : one which will appear on the full length in the same form, two that will appear on the full length in a different form, and one track exclusive to this 12” release.

The End Is Near is a limited edition 12” EP coming out one month before The Fiery Furnaces brand new studio album I’m Going Away. Fans and critics alike have long been waiting for the Friedbergers to make their ‘simple’ record, as it’s always been clear they had a knack for the infectious melodies and great arrangements that classic pop requires. The title track, a catchy, melancholic pop song kicks off the single, instantly giving tantalizing affirmation that the new album I’m Going Away is set to be the most exciting, accomplished and consequently accessible album The Fiery Furnaces have ever made.

A radio edit of ‘Lost At Sea’ and a slower version of ‘Charmaine Champagne’ (both album tracks in their original forms) underline the masterful melodic work of the album’s new songs to breathtaking effect. ‘Teddy’s on Kent’ is an otherwise unavailable new recording.