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The Smiles and Frowns Discography


  • 01. Mechanical Songs
  • 02. The Echoes of Time
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Mechanical Songs b/w The Echoes of Time

Great Pop Supplement
GPS42 - 2009
beautiful debut 45 from u.s duo who offer up the very lo-fi, cyclical, almost otherworldly sounding "mechanical songs" backed with the fabulous "echoes of time". 2 irritatingly annoying tunes that stay with ya long after each has ended. think elements of galaxie 500, low, young marble giants, merged with the quieter side to the left banke or perhaps the west coast pop art experimental band. "60s psi-fi pop music" as has been recently described?! .... the packaging is something else, amazing die cut op-art sleeve with matching label art finished off on tasty white vinyl......