• 01. Tyrant
  • 02. With A Cold, Life Extinguishing Elegance
  • 03. Fucking Chained To The Bottom Of The Ocean
  • 04. I Was Ignored. And Judged. And Cast Down.
  • 05. Monstrance
  • 06. What Blood Still Flows From These Veins
  • 07. Acceptance
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Gilead Media
ELD-016 - 2008

Tip-on gatefold CD jacket with booklet and vellum wrap

"Tyrant" is the astonishing debut album from Baton Rouge, LA doom / sludge songsmiths, Thou. While retaining an incredible sense of melodic & dynamic songwriting, Thou have unleashed one of the heaviest and darkest albums to be unveiled during the recent influx of doom & sludge. Powerful lyrics delivered with scathing vocals seal the deal, Thou have proven their value in a time when slow & heavy bands are a dime a dozen. This is only the beginning.