Trey Told 'Em

Frank Musarra (Hearts of Darknesses) and Gregg Gillis (Girl Talk) combine forces as Trey Told 'Em and officially blow our minds. We gave em the keys to the vault. They turned it out with a must-hear mega mix using solely the Thrill Jockey catalog. The jaws are dropped, this mix is insane. The title barely comes close to doing it justice! Managing to fit every single Oval song into one track and also crafting a special Tortoise and Trans Am mega mix. And last but certainly not least, the has to be heard, super epic mix that manages to include almost every Thrill Jockey artist. 70 minutes of music!

This album is extremely limited! All those lucky enough to have made it out to the Thrill Jockey anniversary celebrations received a free copy. We have set aside a handful of copies for our valued mail order customers.

Trey Told 'Em

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