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  • 01. "Peanuts" by Tunng
  • 02. "Them There Eyes" by Woodcraft Folk
  • 03. "Bialowieza" by The Laughing Windows
  • 04. "What's Behind The Door" by Shady Bard
  • 05. "The Eighth Tower pt. 2" by Adam Leonard and P.G. Six
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It Happened On A Day

The Great Pop Supplement
gps23 - 2007
10\" vinyl with 5 tracks feat. exclusives from: Tunng, The Woodcraft Folk, The Laughing Windows, Shady Bard and Adam Leonard & P.G. Six

The Great Pop Supplement has created a cool, word of mouth buzz this year with gorgeously packaged, musically fabulous 45s from a who‚s who of the current psych / folk fraternity: voice of the seven woods, hush arbors, wooden wand, phosphorescent, and pete greenwood amongst others- even venturing right back to 1929 for a 45 featuring the incredible, hypnotic gospel blues of Washington Phillips. The future looks equally bright, forthcoming releases include Matt Valentine aka MV & EE, James Blackshaw, Elephant Micah and Jack Rose.

However, with this release the label\'s profile seems set to increase further. 5 completely exclusive new tunes form the collective might of: Tunng, Shady Bard, The Woodcraft Folk, The Laughing Windows and Adam Leonard & P.G. Six.

Tunng kick the EP off with a tune recorded during the sessions for the bands‚ new full length Good Arrows a song which lyrically, almost apologises to the label for waiting for the master tune to arrive! (The record was muted as far back as a year ago so no-one can accuse the GPS of impatience). A typically astute blend of folky, glitchy electronica as always. Next up come The Woodcraft Folk who offer up Them There Eyes, a band whose debut album Trough of Bowlands sold out immediately when released on Earworm a coupla years back, -leading to a main stage slot at last year‚s Green Man festival.

Side Two features London psych band The Laughing Windows, a fabulous blend of film samples, loops, electronics woven around a folk base. Their track here \"Bialowieza\" revolves around a simple riff which builds incessantly until Shady Bard appear almost from nowhere! The band have just released their debut album to rapturous reviews on Static Caravan- and it‚s arguable if there‚s a finer intro to the band‚s sound than \"What‚s Behind the Door?\" included here. Ending the EP is a mighty collaboration between Adam Leonard and acclaimed U.S singer / songwriter, and Drag City recording artiste P. G. Six. Starting as a gently strummed blues this then turns the listener full circle into an almost Syd era Floyd psych nugget.

A wonderful EP available on 10\" vinyl only- none of that cd nonsense here. Pressing of 1000 only, so be prompt.