Yair Yona Discography


  • 01. Remember
  • 02. Brave Walls
  • 03. Floodgate Opens to Allow a Ship to Come Through (As it Carries the Passenger Fahey on it)
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Remember 7inch

Great Pop Supplement
GPS51 - 2010
300 copies on clear vinyl, numbered in circular die cut sleeves. Choice of 3 sleeve colours: green, brown and red (same clear vinyl in each!)

Stunning debut 45 from amazing Israeli slide / picker Yair Yona. Much admired by the likes of Glenn Jones and the late great Jack Rose, the single here features 3 fabulous tracks of killer 6 / 12 string acoustic guitar, Weissenborn (an acoustic slide guitar), Resonator guitar, Bass and Banjo, over a layered drone backing, an awesome EP in cool circular packaging...