Trans Am - Megastorm

Trans Am creates a Megastorm of sound in this video

Man Forever - The Clear Realization

Gabe DeLoach cut live footage of Man Forever for this videoa from the new album with So Percussion

The Skull Defekts - The Known Unknown

Director Joe DeNardo invokes the imagery of endless war in his video for The Skull Defekts

Man Forever - Where I m Coming From

Kid Millions lets us know where he is coming from

Koen Holtkamp - Between Visible Things

Koen made this video using found footage of a soccer match

Golden Retriever - Flight Song

Lyandre Follet made this video using a video synthesizer of his own design

Jon Porras - Apeiron

Jon Porras made this video for the track from his new album Light Divide

Koen Holtkamp - Endlessness

Koen made this video for the track from his new album Motion.

Pontiak - We’ve Got it Wrong

The Carney Brothers got it right in this video

D. Charles Speer & The Helix - Wallwalker

Bradley Sellers (Portlandia, Curb Your Enthusiasm) made this video for The Helix tune Wallwalker

There are no media for this Vault Item

Pontiak - Wildfires

Members of Guardian Alien guest star in this video for Pontiak

Peals - Tiptoes in the Parlor

Animation Students at Towson Universtity animated this video for Peals

Pontiak - Lack Lustre Rush

Van gets upside down in this video for the track from INNOCENCE.

Wooden Shjips - Everybody Knows

Zia and her horse explore Cape Meares, OR in this video directed by Austin Wills

Jan St. Werner - Transcendental Animal Numbers

Jan made this video for the second release in his Fiepblatter series.

Wooden Shjips - Back to Land

Hylas Film visited a village full of clowns for this video for Wooden Shjips

The Body - Shrouded

The Body teamed again with director Richard Rankin for this video

Peals - Lonestar

Scott Braid filmed BOBBY in some autumnal landscapes for this video for Peals.

Oozing Wound - Call Your Guy

Oozing Wound rip and get ripped with their Chicago buddies in this video

The Body - To Attempt Openness

NY artist Alexander Barton created a bleeding painting video for The Body

Wooden Shjips - Flight (Live at TJ20)

Folk Hero Films caught Wooden Shjips at our 20th anniversary show in San Francisco, and used analog video manipulation to make this video

Oozing Wound - Welcome to the Spaceship, Motherfucker

Mudwing Media animates photos of the Ooze and warns of possible seizures for this video from the new album Retrash

The Body - An Altar or a Grave

Filmmaker Richard Rankin goes to a dark place in this video for The Body

Dustin Wong - Speeding Feathres Staring

Dustin made this video for the song from his new album, Mediation of Ecstatic Energy.

Sidi Touré - Ay Hora

This video from the new Sidi Touré album shows how they like to party at home in Mali

Oozing Wound

Cooper Crain (Cave, Bitchin Bajas) made this video to introduce the world to his friends Oozing Wound.

Plankton Wat - Empire Mines

Dewey Mahood made this video for a track from his newest album as Plankton Wat

Wooden Shjips - Back to Land trailer

Sanae Yamada made this preview video for the new Wooden Shjips album

kandodo - july 28th

Simon Price made this video for his latest album as kandodo

People of the North - Live on WKCR

Watch live video of People of the North on WKCR Radio in New York

Grumbling Fur - Protogenesis

Artist Mark Titchner created some high contrast visuals around the lyrics for this video for Grumbling Fur

White Hills - In Your Room

Ego Sensation regurns behind the camera for this video for White Hills

Mountains - Live at the Bottletree

Watch Mountains perform early versions of the material on Centra in this video recorded live at the Bottletree in Birmingham, AL.

Grumbling Fur - The Ballad of Roy Batty
Alex and Daniel see things you people would not believe in this video from the new album Glynnaestra.

Tunnels - How I Hate You

Nick Bindeman made this video for the song from The Blackout.

Future Islands - Walking Through That Door

Kymia Nawabi got support from fans on Kickstarter to make this video for Future Islands.

Matmos - Aetheric Vehicle

Matmos made this video using footage projected at their live shows.

Peals - Blue Elvis

George Trimm used footage from his surf film Bootleg for this video for Peals

Wreckmeister Harmonies - You’ve Always Meant So Much to Me

Simon Fowler - who also drew the album cover - made this time lapse animation for Wrekmeister Harmonies.

Peals - Belle Air

Zoe Friedman made this video with footage for a special performance at

Glenn Jones and Laura Baird - Across the Tappan Zee

Glenn and Laura break out the banjos at the Baird house in New Jersey.

Date Palms - Yuba Reprise

Andy Puls processed and edited vintage western footage for this video for Date Palms

Brother JT - Sweatpants

JT animated this video adventure to the juice store, outer space and beyond.

Dan Friel - Thumper / Ghost Town (Live with Big Band)

Matt Marlin filmed Dan Friel and his all-star big band at the release show for Total Folklore for this video.

Survival - Tragedy of the Mind

Survival gets destructive in this video from the self-titled album.

Date Palms - Dusted Down

Andy Puls filmed Date Palms practicing at Whistlehut and added live video effects in this video.

Glenn Jones - Bergen County Farewell

Watch Glenn Jones play Bergen County Farewell from his new album My Garden State.

Double Dagger - If We Shout Loud Enough Trailer

If We Shout Loud Enough tells the story of Double Dagger and their final tour

Life Coach - Fireball

Peter Coffin and Mike Seely created this video for the track by the duo of Phil Manley and Jon Theodore

Dan Friel - Velocipede

LoVid made this video for the track by Dan Friel

Barn Owl - Void Redux

Paul Clipson took 8mm footage in Zagreb, Geneva and Berlin for this video for Barn Owl.

Black Pus - Hear No Evil

This video for Black Pus was directed by by Light Hits, Bi-Coastal Collaborators, Kelie Bowman and Jessie Rose Vala.

Eternal Tapestry - Cosmic Manhunt

Watch ETAP play at our 20th Anniversary Show in Portland in this video, cut with vintage sci-fi footage.

John Parish - Screenplay

Gavin Bush took clips from films that use the music of John Parish for this video for Screenplay.

Thalia Zedek - Go Home

Heather Kapplow used Army film from the 1960s for >this video for Thalia Zedek

Stygian Stride - Drift

Richard Daniel Cohen directs this dark urban adventure for Stygian Stride

Thalia Zedek - Winning Hand

Suara Welitoff gets up close and personal with Thalia in the video from Via

Black Pus - 1000 Years

Brian Chippendale used flip books he drew as a kid to animate this video for his new record.

Dan Friel - Thumper

< Nick Chatfield-Taylor directed and Todd Bailey ran Video Synthesizer in this video for Dan Friel.

Matmos - Luminous Rings

MC Schmidt made this video for a bonus track from The Marriage of True Minds.

Barn Owl - Void Redux (Live at TJ20)

Barn Owl performed the opening track from V at our Anniversary show in San Francisco.

Stygian Stride preview

Jimy SeiTang is Stygian Stride. Check out this preview video for his debut album.

Brokeback - The Wire, The Rag and The Payoff

Ben Geier directed this video for Brokeback.

Arbouretum - Coming Out of the Fog

This video for Arbouretum features the title track from Coming Out of the Fog.

Golden Void - The Curve

This video for Golden Void was animated by Alexander Theodoropolus.

Golden Retriever - LIve at TJ20

Watch the opening section of the Golden Retriever set from our Anniversary show in Portland

Thalia Zedek - Walk Away (Live at AMP)

Thalia performed a song from her new album VIA

Matmos - ESP (Live at TJ20)

Matmos told us all to think at the Anniversary show in Baltimore

Mountains - Living Lens

Koen Holtkamp made this video for the final song from the new Mountains album Centralia.

Thank You - Mothers Nose

Scott Braid made this loopy video for Thank You.

Future Islands - Inch of Dust (Live at TJ20)

Watch Future Islands play a fan favorite at our Anniversary show in their home town.

The Sea and Cake - On and On

Naomi Nagata photographed sand on a lightbox for this video for The Sea and Cake.

Tortoise - High Class Slim Came Floatin In (Live at TJ20)

Folk Hero Films shot Tortoise at our 20th Anniversary show in Baltimore

Eternal Tapestry - Sand into Rain

Nicholas Bindeman directed this video for the final song from A World Out of Time.

The Sea and Cake - Harps

Jay Buim captures two women on a summer adventure in this video for the song from Runner.

Arbouretum - World Split Open

Arbouretum performed this track from the new album Coming Out of the Fog at our 20th Anniversary show in Baltimore.

Matmos - Very Large Green Triangles

This video by design delivers larger and larger scales of Very Large Green Triangulation.

Watching Man Forever

Sebastian Ischer and Katie Eastburn provide some helpful instruction about how to watch Man Forever

Golden Void - Virtue

Dyer-Green made this video for Golden Void

Dan Friel - Exoskeleton (Live at Thrill Jockey 20)

Folk Hero Films shot Dan Friel playing live at our 20th Anniversary show in Baltimore

Catherine Irwin - Little Heater

Catherine Irwin made this video for the song from Little Heater

Ed Limbaugh

Ed Schrader channels Rush Limbaugh to commemorate 20 Years of TJ bands in this video from our 20th Anniversary show in Baltimore.

White Hills - I Write a Thousand Letters

Delo Creative filmed White Hills in Oklahoma City for this video.

Future Islands - Grease

Jay Buim filmed this video on tour with Future Islands in the western US.

Guardian Alien - See the World Given to a One Love Entity

The cover of the GA LP comes to life in this this video.

Evan Caminiti - Absteigend

Paul Clipson collects moving images of rigid and intricate architectural forms in this video for Evan Caminiti (Barn Owl).

Golden Retriever - Canopy

Jeff Guay filmed this video on location in the Columbia Gorge.

Annie Angel

Ashby Lee Collinson made this short film for our Anniversary series

Guardian Alien - See the World Given to a One Love Entity (Part 2)

This video was created GA drummer and founder Greg Fox

Golden Retriever - Serene Velocity

Artist Jamie Potter explores the field of asteroids and synthesizers from the cover of the new Golden Retriever LP in this video from Occupied with the Unspoken.

Man Forever - Ur Eternity

Sto paints a massive mural of bold lines and primary colors as Man Forever builds a wall of amp noise, organ drone and single-stroke drum in this video.

Mike Scheidt - In Your Light

Alex Patsos made this video for the song from the solo debut album by Mike Scheidt of YOB.

kandodo - kandodo
Simon Price and Wayne Maskell made this video for the title track from kandodo

Plankton Wat - Fabric of Life

Dewey made another video for this song from Spirits

Being Man Forever

Matt Marlin made this video about how to be in Man Forever.

David Daniell and Douglas McCombs - 30265

Timothy Leeds made this video for the track from Versions.

Alexander Tucker - Andromeon

Serena Korda worked with Alex on this video from Third Mouth

Man Forever - Surface Paterns

John Colpitts and his Man Forever collaborators keep the beat and make some donuts in this video by SR Palm

Jon Porras - Into Midnight

Jon Porras made this video for the opening track of his new album Black Mesa.

Plankton Wat - Spirits

Plankton Wat is Dewey Mahood from Eternal Tapestry. Dewey made this video for the song from the album Spirits coming in May.

Luke Roberts - Second Place Blues

Live from home, Luke plays Second Place Blues.

White Hills - You Dream You See

This new White Hills video features a song from the new album Frying on this Rock

Jon Porras - The Black Tide

Jon is half of the duo Barn Owl. He recorded music for for this video

Sidi Touré - Ni See Ay Ga Done

This new video shows Sidi in his hometown of Gao.

Freakwater - My Old Drunk Friend

My Old Drunk Friend is the opening track of the Freakwater classic TJ-debut album Feels Like the Third Time, which will be reissued on LP for Record Store Day release as part of our 20th anniversary vinyl series.

White Hills - Pads of Light

Ego Sensation captures the spirit of Manhattan in her new video for Pads of Light

Pontiak - Royal Colors

Royal Colors is the latest video by Pontiak from their new album Echo Ono.

High Places - The Pull

High Places made this new video for the song from Original Colors

Dustin Wong - Pink Diamond

Dustin made this new video using clips from the Dutch animator IEOIE.

Liturgy - True Will

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix made this video for the song from Aesthethica.

Pontiak - Lions of Least

Lions of Least is the first song from the new Pontiak album Echo Ono.

Imbogodom - Borogmog’s Clock

Alexander Tucker and Daniel Beban made this video for the song from the new album And They Turned Not When They Went.

Jason Urick - Ageless Isms

Ashby Lee Collinson (Princess Dies, Portlandia) made this video for a new Jason Urick track.

Rhyton - Stone Colored

Dave Shuford made this video for Rhyton, his new band with Jimy SeiTang (Psychic Ills) and Spencer Herbst (Messages, Matta Llama).

Dustin Wong - Diagonally Talking Echo

Dustin made this video for the final song from his new album Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads.

Thank You- Continental Divide - Live

Live Video of Thank You from their final show in Baltimore.

Rhyton - Live at Union Pool

Watch live video of Rhyton: Dave Shuford (D. Charles Speer, No Neck Blues Band), Jimy SeiTang (Psychic Ills) and Spencer Herbst (Messages, Matta Llama).

High Places - Sonora

Keith Musil directs and this new High Places video featuring a cameo from Angus Andrew and a whole lot of blood.

Wooden Shjips - Crossing

The Wooden Shjips video for "Crossing" collects live footage from 2010 tours.

Thank You - The Whale

Thank You makes a mysterious visit to the Rawlings Conservatory at Druid Hill Park in Baltimore in this new video directed by Scott Braid.

High Places - Original Colors preview

The band made this video preview for the new album Original Colors, out now on CD & LP.

Future Islands - Give Us the Wind

Mike Anderson filmed and directed this black and white video for Future Islands. On the Water is out now.

High Places - Sophia

Busy Gangnes (Telepathe) choreographed and performs in High Places video for "Sohia" from the new album Original Colors.

Wooden Shjips - Lazy Bones

Black Dice created this eye-bending new video for Wooden Shjips.

The new album West is out now, and Wooden Shjips will be touring in the US in November.

Barn Owl - Turiya

John Davis made this video for Barn Owl. Lost in the Glare is out now.

High Places - Altos Lugares

Rob and Mary made this video for the last song on the new album Original Colors, coming in October.

Future Islands - Balance

Jay Buim directed this video for Future Islands. The new album On the Water is coming in October.

Luke Roberts - Unspotted Clothes

Luke’s video was directed by James Clauer. Big Bells & Dime Songs will be out in November on CD & LP, and is available now digitally.

White Hills - Paradise

Ego Sensation directed this video for White Hills.

Glenn Jones - Of Its Own Kind

Glenn Jones performs a song from his new album The Wanting in this video directed by Jesse Shepard.

Wooden Shjips - Black Smoke Rise

Miko Revereza directed this video for Wooden Shjips

West is available now for pre-order, including a deluxe blue vinyl LP with bonus 7" and tote bag.

Tunnels - Cyrstal Arms

This video is for the opening track from The Blackout by Tunnels.

Tunnels is the electro-pop alter-ego of Nick Bindeman from Eternal Tapestry.

Liturgy - High Gold (live)

Zev Deans filmed the Liturgy album release show in New York and made this live video for the opening track on Aesthethica.

White Hills - H-p1

Ego Sensation created this video for the title track of the new White Hills album, using footage from their show at our SXSW showcase.

H-p1 is available now for mail order.

Thank You - Pathetic Magic

Artist Karen Yasinsky made this animated video for Thank You.

Golden Worry is out now!

Pontiak - Live at SXSW

Watch video of their monstrous set at our SXSW showcase, featuring the premiere of music from their new Comecrudos EP.

Comecrudos is available now for mail order.

Alexander Tucker live on Record Store Day

Alex played live at Flashback Records in London on Record Store Day 2011. See the video!

D. Charles Speer & The Helix

D. Charles himself made this video, from the new album Leaving the Commonwealth.

Liturgy - Returner

Zev Deans directs this spiraling blast of a video for Liturgy.

Aesthethica is out May 10 and available now for preorder on 2xLP and CD.

Alexander Tucker - His Arm has Grown Long

Alexander Tucker brings us this music video for the opening track of his new album Dorwytch.

White Hills - The Condition of Nothing

Ego Sensation created this video for the new White Hills track.

White Hills new album coming in June.

D. Charles Speer & The Helix

Live Video of "Razorbacked" from the new album, Leaving the Commonwealth

Mi Ami - Dolphins

Luke Wyatt created this new video for "Dolphins" - title track from the new Mi Ami "Dolphins" EP.

"Dolphins" is available now on limited-edition 12" vinyl!

Matthew Friedberger - Old Regimes

Matthew Friedberger talks about recording his upcoming Solos album Old Regimes in this video clip.

D. Charles Speer - Markos’s Cave

D. Charles Speer performs the opening track from his new solo LP Arghiledes in this video

Matthew Friedberger - Meet Me in Miramas

Matthew Friedberger talks about his new Solos LP Meet Me in Miramas in this video clip.

Mi Ami - Hard Up

See the new video for "Hard Up" from the new Mi Ami EP Dolphins.

Dolphins comes out in March and is available now for pre-order.

Phil Manley - FT2 Theme

Watch Phil Manley, Life Coach in his new video for "FT2 Theme".

The new Phil Manley new solo album Life Coach is out now!

Sam Prekop - The Silhouettes

Jordan Kim (Yo Gabba Gabba) directed this animated video for "The Silhouettes"

Old Punch Card is available now.

Sidi and Yehiya

Watch Sidi and Yehiya Arby together in Gao, playing "Artiatanat" from the upcoming album Sahel Folk.

Sahel Folk. is coming in January and available now for presale!

Thank You - Birth Reunion

Nat Munari directs this video featuring the Baltimore dance group Bobby.

The new Thank You album Golden Worry will be released January 25, 2011.

Arbouretum - When Deliver Comes (solo acoustic)

Dave Heumann made this video of himself playing a new song.

Sidi and Jambala

Watch Sidi and Jambala together in Gao, playing "Taray Kongo" from the upcoming album Sahel Folk.

Sahel Folk. is coming in January and available now for presale!

Oval - Ah!

Amberly Productions stunning new video for Oval, from the new album O.

Watch the video here!

Twig Harper talks Clairaudience Fellowship

Twig Harper speaks about his work with Daniel Higgs on the new album Clairaudience Fellowship.

Watch the video here

Dustin Wong - Infinite Love

Dustin Wong’s new album Infinite Love will include an album-length music video on DVD.

Check out a preview of the Infinite Love film here

Boredoms - 77 Boa Drum trailer

Taken from the 77 Boa Drum DVD, coming September 7.

Watch the trailer here

Fred Anderson & Hamid Drake
Black Woman in dedication to Beatrice Anderson and Amelia Drake.

Taken from their record, Back Together Again

Click here to watch!

New Video from Oval Kastell

Taken from the new record, O

Click here to watch!

Double Dagger
Brand new music video No Allies

From Double Dagger

Click here to watch!

Brand new music video for Tin Man.

Taken from their upcoming record, In Evening Air

Click here to watch!

Music video for Hustle

Taken from their upcoming record, And Then We Saw Land

Click here to watch!

Music video for Even in the Rain.

Taken from their most recent album, I'm Going Away

Click here to watch!

White Hills
Music video for Dead

Taken from their most recent EP, Dead

Click here to watch!

Music video for Charmaine Champagne.

Taken from their most recent album, I'm Going Away

Click here to watch!

Music video for Vivre Sans Temps Mort.

Taken from Double Daggers most recent record, More

Directed by Cat Solen

Click here to watch!

Music video for Prepare Your Coffin.

Taken from Tortoise's upcoming record, Beacons Of Ancestorship

Directed by Andrew Paynter + JUICE

Click here to watch!

Music video for Aestival.

Taken from Pontiak's most recent record , Maker

Directed by Pontiak

Click here to watch!

Check out these promotional videos for their upcoming record, I'm Going Away

Video 1

Video 2

Music video for Laywayed.

Taken from Pontiak's most recent record , Maker

Directed by Pontiak

Click here to watch!

Music video for Graf.

Taken from Lithops' most recent record , Ye Viols!

Directed by Dienststelle / Karl Kliem

Click here to watch!

Music video for Down by the Fall Line.

Taken from Arbouretum's most recent record , Song of the Pearl

Click here to watch!

Music video for Weekend.

Taken from The Sea and Cake's upcoming record, Car Alarm

Click here to watch!

Music video for "ROCKIST"

from School of Language's new album Sea from Shore

Produced and directed by Field Music and friends.

Rockist video

Stream of "Entrances/One (On-line Edit)"

Taken from Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra's new album.

Entrances/One (Online Edit)

Video for "NAVY NURSE"

from their new album Widow City. Directed by Moses Berkson.

Click here to watch!

Check out the promo video for Extra Golden's upcoming album Hera Ma Nono.

Promo Video

New video "When The Moneys Gone"

from Bobby Conn's King for A Day

There are no media for this Vault Item

Video for "A Chinese Actor" from Califone'sRoots & Crowns

Directed by Charles Anderson

A Chinese Actor

Video for "Conspiracy of the Gods" from Trans Am's album Sex Change

Directed by Ben Hansford, Produced by Matt Byrne

Conspiracy of the Gods

Check out the video for "The Importance Of Being Folk Part I, II, & III" from ADULT.'s latest albumWhy Bother?

The Folk Trilogy

ADULT.ArbouretumBarn OwlBlack PusThe BodyBoredomsBrokebackBrother JTCalifoneEvan CaminitiCoil SeaBobby ConnDavid Daniell and Douglas McCombsDate PalmsAngela DesveauxBill Dixon with Exploding Star OrchestraDouble DaggerEternal TapestryExtra GoldenThe Fiery FurnacesFreakwaterMatthew FriedbergerDan FrielFuture IslandsGauntHowe GelbGiant SandGolden RetrieverGolden VoidGrumbling FurGuardian AlienTwig Harper & Daniel HiggsHigh PlacesKoen HoltkampH.P. ZinkerImbogodomCatherine IrwinGlenn JoneskandodoLazer CrystalLife CoachLithopsLiturgyMan ForeverMatmosMi AmiMicrostoriaMountainsMouse On MarsOOIOOOozing WoundOvalJohn ParishPealsPeople of the NorthPlankton WatPontiakJon PorrasSam PrekopRadianRhytonLuke RobertsMike ScheidtSchool of LanguageThe Sea and CakeThe Skull DefektsThe Soft Pink TruthD. Charles Speer & The HelixD. Charles SpeerJan St. WernerStygian StrideSurvivalNobukazu TakemuraThank YouTortoiseSidi TouréTrans AmAlexander TuckerTunnelsTunngJason UrickVarious WHITE HILLSDustin WongWooden ShjipsThalia ZedekThe Zincs