1998 through PRESENT (2007).

ADULT. is an odd (married) couple from Detroit. Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller began their unpredictable path with one now totally obscure 12". The "Modern Romantics" 12" was recorded under the name PLASMA Co. and released on the now defunct German label Electrecord in 1998. Realizing the effeteness of the moniker PLASMA Co. (but still drawn to the period at the end of the name), they quickly changed to the more fitting title of ADULT. and in the same year released their second 12" Dispassionate Furniture on their own label Ersatz Audio which they had started back in 1995. Three 12"s followed, including the highly sought after "New-Phonies" limited edition picture disc on the Dutch imprint Clone Records which introduced the now unmistakable photography of Kuperus.

Things began to change for ADULT. in 2001 with the release of "Resuscitation", their first compact disc (which is a collection of their first four 12" singles). Reaching more freaks than vinyl can apparently, ADULT. went out doing more shows than ever before as well as remixing everyone from Tuxedomoon to Phoenecia. After two more 12"s and their first limited hand-numbered 7", ADULT. delivered their second album "Anxiety Always in 2003. Following it's release, ADULT. embarked on their first "proper" US and European tour. Not really fit for public saturation, ADULT. suffered minor neurasthenia after this and only did 1 live show in 2004 and three limited hand-numbered 7"s (including one split with The Dirtbombs).

2005 found ADULT. ready to be discharged back into circulation with "D.U.M.E.", a 6 song ep out on Thrill Jockey. Equally like minded in ethics and D.I.Y. imperatives, this new partnership between ADULT. and Thrill Jockey grew stronger later that year with ADULT.'s third album "Gimmie Trouble" (written in part with short-lived permanent member Samuel Consiglio). A follow up split 7" with NUMBERS on Kill Rock Stars ended their releases for 2005, but not the live performances. 2005 saw ADULT. embarked on their most ambitious touring yet, with 81 live performances from Moscow to Miami and not stopping until 2006. ADULT. also returned back to their "odd couple" status with the departure of Consiglio early that year. 2007 begins with their fourth and most focused album yet "Why Bother?" again on Thrill Jockey, new music videos created by ADULT., another full tour and more...




    Why Bother?

  • 1 Red Herring
  • 2 The Mythology of Psychosis
  • 3 Good Deeds
  • 4 I Feel Worse When I'm with You
  • 5 The Importance of Being Folk Part I
  • 6 Inclined to Vomit
  • 7 You Don't Worry Enough
  • 8 Cultivation
  • 9 Herd Me
  • 10 R.S.x
  • 11 Plagued by Fear
  • 12 I Should Care
  • 13 The Importance of Being Folk Part II
  • 14 Harvest
  • Tracks