Matthew Friedberger


Born and raised in Chicago, Matthew Friedberger is a songwriter and composer. His rock group The Fiery Furnaces made 9 albums from 2003 to 2009 and performed extensively. He has released 11 solo albums since 2006; his 12th, Matricidal sons of bitches, comes out October 30th on Thrill Jockey Records. He will be touring North America this fall.

Friedberger currently works, or not, or so to speak, through his two front, unorganized, organizations, the Neue Friedberger Oper and Poverty Rue Productions. With which as far as I know nobody else is connected. In theory, or without any practice, the NFO is some sort of opera house, and PRP is a movie studio, sans the film, or videos, or the next thing, that they've got now, so, it seems, he-thinks-it's-operas, and movies, or this--or that--or maybe, I have it wrong and, that's just what he surmises rock-n-roll is, like, and whatever he would say that might mean, or however that is supposed to be amusing or touching or sharp. If you see him, ask him.

Born many years ago now, he lives in France, his interests include the following. Mediterranean Matters; Old Phone Books; "that beautiful place where the White Sox play baseball" (Dominic Pacyga); Jean Paul; James Brown; the IBM building; Chicagoism in General; Rhetorical Capitalization; the SNCF jingle that plays immediately before any announcement; Old Blind Writers from London; the Sidney Siblings and their Friends; what's written on some The Fall album covers; the Brontë Brother, Branwell; Lonely Trailer; Love's Cross-Currents; I Love You, Big Dummy; Johnny Hodges; Jaki Byard; The Who in 1972; John Culshaw; The City of Bridges; stuff; Amerind; an introduction to Chinese Secret Societies in Malaya; "Leo Allatios" or Leone Allacci; Eddie Harris; Farm Families and Change in 20th Century America; Eleanor' s next record or the one after that; L'OM; Dr. F and Julian; the British Museum; strident philhellenism now more than ever most of all; Chuck Berry; Other People; Music Written Down in Old Books from Old Shops in the Lands of Yesteryears; So Forth; and so on.




    Arrested on Charges of Unemployment

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