Sam Prekop and John McEntire


Sam Prekop describes his work with John McEntire as "a set of long evolving electronic pieces that traverse several movements or transformations, creating pieces that feel like “electronic suites” while maintaining a continuity/thread. So in my mind" he continued "each section is inspired by what just happened previously and so on, the foundation of the pieces are improvised and the work is a matter of focusing on the most interesting aspects creating the piece."

For Sons Of "we recorded our show at Chicago's Constellation intending to release it as is “live”, but faced with some technical issues, and feeling like the pieces weren’t quite “finished” led us to wanting to augment it with further recordings, which posed its own challenges and, well, opportunities, to reevaluate our original intentions. So even though we did a lot of work to the “live” recordings, the foundation is that live performance and I think it’s essential to our process and will likely continue that way."

McEntire added "The live material is completely improvised, though we are working within a rather predetermined set of parameters. The tempo is always fixed, and the tonal center typically does not change. Sam has small cellular sequence material that may be developed ahead of time and deployed during the performance." Their compositions evolve from there - with lots of additons, edits and manipulations. The results are captivating, energetic and imaginative. Sons Of is a must have for any fans of either Tortoise or Sam Prekop's solo work! 

Special guests include: The Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, the Elektron Analog Rytm mk II; the Nord Drum 3P; the Teenage Engineering OP-32; the Roland KD-7; and the SND ACME-4