Breath in the Sleep. It's 1994 and your identity is dead. Groceries just exploded all over the back seat of your mom's station wagon. This is the Blues raised on bad milk with lots of slide guitar. Alessandra Bocco plays bass, Melissa York plays drums and Andy Luck and Dean Haggerty play guitar. Sometimes Andy sings, sometimes Alessandra sings. Sugarshock are downtown New York circa Pussy Galore, Action Swingers and Honeymoon Killers and they love their slide guitar. A candle that burned brightly and left but a trail smoldering hearts and egos in their wake.



    Mother Nature

  • 1 Look At The Trees
  • 2 Low
  • 3 And All The Dogs Ran Free
  • 4 M
  • 5 Lee Harvey Oswald Blues
  • 6 I-95
  • 7 B-Is For Boy
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