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Thrill Jockey
Thrill 333 - 2013

333 is the final Double Dagger album pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged in a full color LP jacket with an inner sleeve full of live photos and lyrics. A free download coupon is included. Included inside the LP is the full length DVD documentary If We Shout Loud Enough.

If We Shout Loud Enough is an inside look at the Baltimore underground music scene through one of its most pivotal bands, Double Dagger. 333 is the the final Double Dagger album, their most confident and diverse. 333 and If We Shout Loud Enough will be released in a limited LP+DVD package on Record Store Day 

333 includes fist-pumping punk anthems showing the group at their most volatile and unrestrained, and instrumental tracks that venture into surprisingly beautiful and melodic territories. The instrumentation is clear and bright, but manages to capture the volume and energy of the band’s infamous live performances. “Heretic’s Hymn” marks the band’s first use of religious language, and is directly inspired by the overwhelmingly positive energy the band felt on their last tour. The song celebrates participating in the DIY scene as a spiritual experience and decries the growing encroachment of capitalism on punk as blasphemy. 

If We Shout Loud Enough is an intimate and entertaining portrait that follows Double Dagger as they complete their final tour and album, tracing the history and growth of the band and of Baltimore’s underground music scene. Meet Nolen, a singer who stutters uncontrollably until he picks up the microphone; Bruce, a bassist who can make his battered instrument sound like an entire rock band; Denny, whose drumset regularly collapses under the force of his pummeling; and dozens of the fans, musicians, and artists who have catalyzed the city’s music community. Along the way, the band reflects on why Baltimore has become such a vital and diverse creative breeding ground for the ethos of DIY music and art.

If We Shout Loud Enough is filled with extraordinary performance footage from Double Dagger’s last tour, much of it shot from amid the sweaty bodies surging around the band. It features interviews with Dan Deacon and members of Wye Oak, Future Islands, Ruiner, Thank You, Baltimore music historian Tim Kabara and more.

The film was lovingly directed by Gabriel DeLoach and co-written and edited by Zach Keifer. DeLoach has worked on natural history and commercial projects across the Asian continent and in South America for the National Geographic Society and other non-profits, documenting ground-breaking conservation research on tigers, jaguars, one-horned rhinos, and other endangered megafauna. In between freelance gigs, DeLoach makes documentaries. The Harvest was DeLoach's debut as a documentary filmmaker; it premiered at the Camden International Film Festival and won the Programmer's Choice for Best Documentary at the Virginia Film Festival. Inspired by the group’s “creativity and ingenuity,” DeLoach set about documenting the last days of Double Dagger, a process that ended up lasting two years.



  • 1 The Mirror
  • 2 Foreign Bodies
  • 3 Space Dust
  • 4 Supply/Demand
  • 5 Figure Eights
  • 6 Heretic’s Hymn

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