And They Turned Not When They Went

Thrill Jockey
Thrill 289 - 2011

And They Turned Not When They Went is released on LP-only, pressed on virgin vinyl with insert and free download card.

Imbogodom's And They Turned Not When They Went sees Alexander Tucker and Daniel Beban return to the BBC's Bush House for another nocturnal collection of pure analogue tape work. Here the musique concrète worlds are more defined than on 2010's The Metallic Year. Using live feeds from the Houses of Parliament's bell Big Ben, Tucker and Beban create foreboding landscapes for obscure horror soundtracks where foley techniques of everyday objects turn into threatening phone calls from poltergeist entities trapped inside the warm mixing desk and dusty tape machines. Stretched, slowed, and warped source material takes us back to early electronic synthesis of magnetic tape whilst reveling in the endless possibilities thrown up from processes of analogue experimentation.

And They Turned Not When They Went also sees Imbogodom sharpening their song-smithery with Tucker and Beban combining their efforts. Trading between tape manipulator and player, the duo compose, dismantle, and expand their unique brand of songwriting. Psycho-geographic sound worlds map central London's deep dark loam and linger in the wind of New Zealand's remote countryside.

As well as recording in the Bush House tape research studios, Imbogodom decamped to Dungeness in Kent, recording in and outside historical local buildings such as The Roundhouse, an old light house and Coast Guard building, where natural resonances and atmospheric conditions create site-specific songs and fleeting fragile sound pieces.

Alexander Tucker is a London based musician recording solo albums for Thrill Jockey. Tucker's work moves between song writing, electronics, and improvisation. His other side projects include Grumbling Fur with Daniel O Sullivan and past collaborations with Stepehn O'Malley on his Ginnungagap side project.

Daniel Beban is a musician based in Wellington, New Zealand where he is a key figure in the underground music scene. In Wellington he runs The Frederick Street Light and Sound Exploration Society hosting nights of experimental and improvised music from around the world and New Zealand.



  • 1 Borogmog’s Clock
  • 2 Slate Grey Light
  • 3 Etchum Buoy
  • 4 Window Faces
  • 5 Heir Looms
  • 6 Welcome Away
  • 7 Red Brick Roundhouse
  • 8 The Passing Presence
  • 9 Nuclear Wind
  • 10 I Am Here, I Am Gone
  • 11 Rubbings
  • 12 Pillars of Ash

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