Blame It On Adam

Thrill Jockey
thrill 12.17 - 1999

Andy Coleman lives on a boat. Andy Coleman records his music in his studio on his boat. Andy Coleman describes the title track to his EP on thrill jockey by saying, "Orange music. Broken fridge doors and unsent records. The acoustic guitars are illegal by the way. Modeled wind instruments do their thing. Blow when they want. Miles would have hated it."

So begins the latest release from one of the founders of England's bovinyl label and Ninja Tune artist Animals on Wheels. Blame it on Adam is a departure from the Animals on Wheels material. It is an avant-electro, plickity-plunk piano release in the vein of recent Richard James or Global Goon. Perhaps Coleman's home was set adrift, and the rhythms and nuances of the river combined to create a soundscape that evokes both the laziness of the current and the intensity of the sun.


  • 1 Blame It On Adam
  • 2 Little Man
  • 3 Too Many Solo Magpies
  • 4 Breaking Again