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Thrill Jockey
thrill 12.16 - 1999

The Eternals are a three piece hailing from the city of Chicago. Their music pulls from a variety of sources, foremost amongst them Reggae, Jazz and Soul. These influences all play a large role in the rhythms utilized by the group, creating music which is sometimes rolling, sometimes sparse, with staccato melodies provided courtesy of bass, organ, synthesizer and drums. The band also makes use of melodica, a tape machine, and a sound effects generator. Vocals and dance moves (for concert goers) bring the point home. The roots of The Eternals can be found in the percussive and melodic sounds of great artists like Augustus Pablo and The Headhunters. At times, it seems to transform from something familiar into something otherwordly.


  • 1 By This Time Tomorrow
  • 2 Oracle
  • 3 Atom and Evil