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Thrill Jockey
thrill 044 - 1997

The Lonesome Organist is Jeremy Jacobson. He plays Organ, Piano, Drums, Guitar, Steel Drums, Toy Piano, Vibraphone, Marimba, Toy Vibraphone, Harmonica, Vocal, and programming. This one man band astounds the crowds by playing drums, organ, harominca, toy piano, toy vibes and singing - All at the same time.!!! This is his debut lp. The Lonesome Organist toured the U.S. twice. Once with Trans Am and short tours with Red Red Meat and the Stinky Puffs. His music is equal parts carnival, the travelling variety, Italian soundtrack, and the blessed primative, R & B based Rock and Roll.. Some may be familure with Mr Jacobson's Organ style from the grooves he laid down on the 5 Style debut lp. on Sub Pop. This record is truely an origional- rapidly transporting the listener from the saddel on an ancient Merry Go Round, to the out take of a late 60's Morricone scored horror film, and then quickly off to face some forgotten cabaret singer's ghostly performance. The Lp will be accompanied by a Flip book so shut ins can see The Lonesome One perform again and again from the comfort of their sofa. Raise the white hanky and Surrender to the power of THE LONESOME ORGANIST!



  • 1 The Lost Oar
  • 2 Catching Flies With My Teeth
  • 3 Chasing The Wheelbarrel
  • 4 The Lonesome Organist Theme
  • 5 Ratt Advance On The Windsor Deluxe
  • 6 The Sing Song
  • 7 Let Me Be Your Man
  • 8 King Of The Rail Model 1895 Trainset
  • 9 The Dragon Song
  • 10 You Be Blake
  • 11 Make Me Less Lonesome
  • 12 End Of The Road
  • 13 The Wind Up Bird
  • 14 Clock Song
  • 15 6 Volt
  • 16 Tip Toe
  • 17 My First Piano
  • 18 Miel Silverstre
  • 19 Blue Stew
  • 20 Departing The Sturdy Ship