Thrill Jockey
Thrill 275 - 2011

Comecrudos is a 25 minute 12” vinyl only EP limited to 1,000 copies worldwide, pressed on 150gram vinyl (500 on black, 500 on white) with free download coupon.

Pontiak's Comecrudos, which is due for release on Thrill Jockey in June 2011, was created as a soundtrack to the bold landscape the band encountered on a drive from Phoenix to the Big Bend area of Texas. The brothers; Van, Lain, and Jennings, were captivated by the sprawling landscape, the immensity and complexity of the geology and the beauty. They camped in an old volcano crater under a full moon and hiked ridges alongside the Rio Grande. Comecrudos is a soundtrack for the drive on Route 385 southbound from Marathon, Texas.

The band recommends listening to the album whilst driving, windows rolled down, music at full volume, the dust hanging in the air. Or on the subway – imagining you are in a car driving with the widows rolled down, music at full volume, the dust hanging in the air.

Pontiak finished recording Comecrudos in January of 2011, at their studio in Virginia. No distortion or overdrive pedals were used in the making of this record. Pontiak kept their gear bare, reflecting the landscape itself.



  • 1 Part I
  • 2 Part II
  • 3 Part III
  • 4 Part IV

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