Covers EP

Thrill Jockey
thrill 176 - 2007

Pit Er Pat blessed us with a sweet nugget of dynamic covers to spread across the US in support of their 2007 tour with The Fiery Furnaces. Pit Er Pat playing Sade, Yoko Ono?!! You've gotta check em out, and it's only two bucks! These recently recorded covers are just a taste of the force that is Pit Er Pat. Pit Er Pat tours relentlessly. Their tightness and musical unity bleeds over their entire catalog and at every one of their live shows. Amazingly amongst the seemingly endless stream of shows, Butchy Fuego (drummer) found time to get down with The Boredoms in New York as part of the 77 drummers event. Check it out here.

All selections recorded, mixed and mastered at Top Cat HQ by Butchy Fuego.

All instruments played by Butchy Fuego, Fay Davis-Jeffers, and Rob Doran.



  • 1 Dog Town (by Yoko Ono)
  • 2 Feel No Pain (by Sade)