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Earth Bow

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Thrill Jockey
SL001 - 2021

Inspired by her lifelong love of nature, Sarah Louise wove her new album, Earth Bow, into an immersive world. By blending sonic DNA of songs from the record, Louise collaborated with her music as a living system, and what began as 8 songs entwined into two epic suites. Produced and recorded by Louise and mixed by Gloria Kaba (Solange, A Tribe Called Quest), mesmerizing sounds abound on Earth Bow. Analog synth tones and painterly digital sonics inhabit the same environment as field recordings, ceremonial percussion, inventive guitar and empathic vocals, weaving together Louise’s borderless influences into an enveloping world. At times ambient and at others danceable, Louise shares, “I want this record to take people on a journey through our incredible planet. Nature has helped me heal and this music came out of those experiences.” Louise prefers not to exist in one specific scene, but finds the interconnections of many. Made mostly by Louise at home, Earth Bow features additional performances by Go Kurosawa, Thom Nguyen and Cooper Crain.

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