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Thrill Jockey
Thrill 296 - 2011

Improvisations was recorded to cassette tape and mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering. It is released on LP-only with an insert and free download coupon.

Asa Osborne's solo guise, Zomes, is the penultimate exercise in the study of repetition and meditative repose. Simple melodic keyboard patterns overlay primitive drum loops. The repetitive quality is both remindful of much in the oriental music tradition as well as Osborne's guitar work in Lungfish. Patterns emerge and disintegrate, spaces expand and contract, all in a cyclic pattern that is by nature fixed and by design capable of transporting the listener to otherworldly states.

With Improvisations, Zomes second release for Thrill Jockey, the drum loops are replaced with a more obtuse drone bed pulsing not unlike a key on a harmonium that's been taped down. The continually changing tones create a warm sea of sound that acts as a canvas for his melodic improvisations. Tonal transmissions that phase in and out of a thick drone-filled ether, captured, translated, and expressed in Zomes own unique language of meditative bliss.

Improvisations, recorded on a cassette tape, also comes on the heels of the critically acclaimed and equally simply recorded Earth Grid. In addition to touring in North American and Europe, Asa joined a tour with The Skull Defekts and his old Lungfish foil, Daniel Higgs. The three ended up recording the Skull Defekts 12-inch 2013-3012 together during the tour. More extensive touring is on the horizon in 2012, as well as Zomes debut studio recording.



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