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Night Gallery

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Thrill Jockey
Thrill 266 - 2011

LP version includes free download coupon. CD version in 4 panel mini-LP style package

The friendship of Eternal Tapestry and Sun Araw's Cameron Stallones goes back to the Not Not Fun curated Neon Commune Fest, January 2007 at the much loved, and missed, Echo Curio in LA. Eternal Tapestry shared the second night's bill with Cameron's old band Magic Lantern (Barn Owl and Pocahaunted rounded out the night's festivities!), and the two psych crews hit it off immediately. LA shows were played together every time Eternal Tapestry made it south. Fast forward to Austin, TX for SXSW 2010 when Eternal Tapestry shared a bizarre afternoon parking lot gig with Sun Araw. The Tapestry had a live broadcast in-studio session lined up on KVRX student radio that night, and in true Tapestry fashion they invited their buddy Cameron to join in.

The session took place in a large TV studio on the UT campus, with the band setting up in a big circle. The line-up was Dewey Mahood and Nick Bindeman on guitars, Jed Bindeman on drums, Ryan Carlile on tenor sax, Yoni Kifle on bass, and Cameron Stallones on keyboard and trademark flute. After a brief discussion of mood, the six musicians improvised together for 45 minutes continuously. The music is heard as played that evening - no overdubs, and only a few edits to create a four section suite for the LP release. The piece is titled Night Gallery, in homage to the surreal early 1970's TV show produced by Rod Serling of Twilight Zone fame. It was this program that the six musicians fell asleep to, and woke up with, during their five day stay in Austin.

Eternal Tapestry Discography:

Altar Of Grass (Solar Commune) 2007
Vibrations New Dawn (Not Not Fun) 2007
Mystic Induction (Solar Commune) 2007
The Declining Star (Night People) 2008
Seas Of Silk (Digitalis Limited) 2008
The Invisible Landscape (Not Not Fun) 2009
The Hidden Revealed (Self-Released) 2009
Palace Of The Night Skies (Three Lobed) 2009
Spring Tour 2009 (Self-Released) 2009
Beyond The 4th Door (Thrill Jockey) 2011

Sun Araw Discography:

The Phynx (Not Not Fun) 2008
Beach Head (Not Not Fun) 2008
Boat Trip (Woodsist) 2008
Heavy Deeds (Not Not Fun) 2009
Geneva Hits (Mental Groove) 2009
Leaves Like These (Not Not Fun) 2009
Real Aliens/Hey Mandala! (Not Not Fun) 2009
In Orbit (Stunned Records) 2009
On Patrol (Not Not Fun) 2010
Off Duty (Woodsist) 2010
Sun Ark (Not Not Fun) 2010
Major Grotto (Hustle Muscle) 2010
Houston Abstros (Monofonus Press) 2011



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  • 4 Night Gallery IV

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