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Not Gonna Say Your Name

Thrill Jockey
thrill 919 - 2017

Los Angeles-based musician Guy Blakeslee (aka ENTRANCE), has released a new track, “Not Gonna Say Your Name,” in advance of the President-elect’s impending inauguration.  Blakeslee says of the song, “I really wanted to write a song expressing my own feelings about the election and the state of things in our country – like many I was in a state of mourning.  I wondered, how can I sing about this without saying his name?”

In addition to penning his own protest song, Blakeslee has created a playlist of his favorite other songs of that theme and has given it exclusively to The Talkhouse, – click HERE to listen to his picks, as well as his own song!

“Not Gonna Say Your Name” is now available via Thrill Jockey and on participating DSPs, with all proceeds from song purchases and streams going directly to Planned Parenthood, an organization that Blakeslee holds near and dear to his heart.  “I decided to use the song to benefit PP because one of the things that is so shocking about the election result is that it sends such a negative message to women and girls,” he says.  “It's the least I could do - for all of the women in the world, in my life, and especially for my mother - to fight back and make a clear statement that we will not accept this backwards agenda.”



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