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Thrill Jockey
thrill 113 - 2002

Radian is a Vienna trio who formed in 1996. A year later they played their first gig at the Porgy & Bess festival where they supported DJ Pita. This chance happening would turn fruitful as DJ Pita aka Peter Rehberg would go on to release Radian's first full length TG11 on his Mego label. However prior to the 2000 release of TG11, they issued a self-titled ep in July 1998. Both records have received limited to decent distribution in the states coming in as high priced imports only helping to further their position in the electronic community as a "cult" band. Throughout Europe the band has become highly regarded for their live performances, where they've headlined and shared bills with everyone from Tony Conrad to Tortoise. They've also played on a number of festivals including the prestigious Music Unlimted (Wels/Austria), Wiener Festwochen (Vienna), Podwil (Berlin) and All Tomorrow's Parties (UK) to name a few. In the beginning of 2002 the band traveled to Chicago to record their second full length, Rec.Extern with John McEntire. The result is Radian's most accessible work to date. The rhythms crackle and bounce on tracks like "Jet" which is propelled by a heavy dub bassline. Rec.Extern is inspired by barren landscapes where vegetation and people are scarce. The song titles "Ulan", "Unije" and "Kilvo" take their names from such places scattered around the globe. Yet somehow through their mix of the organic and electronic they open up these worlds to show the beauty in decay and genuinely human sense of solitude.



  • 1 Nahfeld
  • 2 Jet
  • 3 Kilvo
  • 4 Bioadapter
  • 5 Unje
  • 6 Etage 3_Flur
  • 7 Ulan
  • 8 =Elot

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