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Thrill Jockey
thrill 047 - 1998

Springtime marks the fifth domestic release by Freakwater. The record was recorded at Chicago's Uber Studios, in July '97. The core line up of Catherine Ann Irwin, Janet Beveridge Bean and David Wayne Gay remains the same but the ever changing fourth member this time is Max Konrad Johnston, formerly of Wilco and Uncle Tupelo. Max's multi-instrumental and vocal capabilities help broaden Freakwater's musical range and depth.

The record showcases both songwriting and talent. "Louisville Lip" recalls the story of Muhammad Ali tossing his gold medal into the Ohio River after being refused service in a diner. Catherine Irwin, a Louisville native, grew up with this legend. "Twisted Wire", "Harlan", "Jesus Year", and "Flat Land" are songs made powerful by the paradoxical combination of the beauty with which they are delivered and the pain, longing, and regret to which they refer. "Scamp", is an upbeat tune filled with wordplay about one's baby - be that a lover or a Dodge brand car. "Heaven" is not quite what one might imagine as it's opening lines reveal, "Heaven is for the weak at heart, and those who never are as smart...as me. But I would trade all that I believe, and keep no trick card up my sleeve, just to know the angels hold you in their arms tonight."

Janet Beveridge Bean- Guitar, Vocals
Catherine Ann Irwin- Guitar, Vocals
David Wayne Gay- Bass
Max Konrad Johnston-Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo, Dobro, Mandolin, Vocals
Aided and Abetted by Bob Egan (Pedal Steel), Joel Batty (Fiddle), Brendan Burke (Snare)



  • 1 Picture In My Mind
  • 2 Louisville Lip
  • 3 Twisted Wire
  • 4 Washed In The Blood
  • 5 Binding Twine
  • 6 One Big Union
  • 7 Harlan
  • 8 Jesus Year
  • 9 Scamp
  • 10 Lorraine
  • 11 Slowride
  • 12 Heaven
  • 13 Flat Hand

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