Super Epic Thrill Jockey Mega Massive Anniversary Mix

Thrill Jockey
Thrill12.29 - 2007

Thrill Jockey opened the vaults to Gregg Gillis (Girl Talk) and Frank Musarra (Hearts of Darknesses), aka Trey Told 'Em and let them go to town. And they exceeded all expectations! Managing to fit every single Oval song into one track and also crafting a special Tortoise and Trans Am mega mix. And last but certainly not least, the has to be heard, super epic mix that manages to include almost every Thrill Jockey artist. 70 minutes of music!

The full tracklisting :

Trans Am (Trans Am Mega Mix)
Bobby Conn Winners
Bobby Conn Winners Losers Mix by ADULT.
Gaunt Weekend
Pit Er Pat Pyramid
Eleventh Dream Day Tarantula
Giant Sand Temptation of Egg
Giant Sand Satellite
Giant Sand (Well) Dusted (for The Millennium)
Dolomite Mustang
Trapist Observations Took Place
John Parish Boxers
Nobukazu Takemura Sign
Nobukazu Takemura Meteor
The Fiery Furnaces Cabaret of the Seven Devils
Califone Black Metal Valentine
Chicago Underground Duo Exponent Road
Califone Chinese Actor
Mouse On Mars Wipe That Sound
Freakwater Hi Ho Silver
Frequency Fertility Dance
Mouse On Mars Sw Shop
Sam Prekop Practice Twice
Mouse On Mars Untitled States Of
Mouse On Mars Send Me Shivers
The National Trust It's Just Cruel
Arbouretum Signposts and Instruments
Extra Golden Tussin and Fightin'
Mouse On Mars Booosc
Extra Golden Love Hijackers
Radian Vertigo
Radian Shift
Radian Rapid Eye Movement
The Sea And Cake Crossing Line
Fred Anderson And Hamid Drake Louisiana Strut
Lithops Peek
Directions In Music (Untitled 4)
Aki Tsuyuko Owlet Hymn
Lithops Stratografic
Howe Gelb Blood Orange
Tunng Bricks
Isotope 217 Audio Boxing
Archer Prewitt Second Time Trader
The Zincs The Mogul's Wife
Sue Garner And Rick Brown Bomb Squad
Sue Garner And Rick Brown Asphalt Road
Isotope 217 Phonometrics
Adult. Herd Me
Exploding Star Orchestra Sting Ray and the Beginning of Time Part III (Psycho-tropic Electric Eel Dream)
Brokeback The Field Code
Town and Country Cloud Seeding
Microstoria Mem. Brand
Tortoise (Tortoise Mega Mix)
Oval (Oval Mega Mix)



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