World of Gold

Thrill Jockey
thrill 105 - 2001

In 4 short years together, the Nerves have become one of Chicago's premiere rock and roll bands. Rock fans all over the greater Chicagoland area can testify to their awesome power and intensity in the live setting. Yet, the Nerves are not a static entity. World of Gold is their 3rd album and it does not repeat the band's past glories. Instead, like all great rockers, the Nerves are constantly reinventing themselves. Their 1998 debut was a document of the pure energy of their live show. 1999's New Animal kept up the breakneck pace, but found the Nerves calling upon a darker muse, as well as expanding their sonic palette by working with keyboardist Jeremy Jacobsen (The Lonesome Organist) and legendary engineer Jack Endino. World of Gold is another rock and roll triumph for the Nerves. The opening cut "10 Feet Tall" represents a departure from their previous slash and burn approach. The Nerves have slowed the tempo a tad, but still manage to bring the rock in spades! As World of Gold progresses, tracks like "Suffering Highway" and "More You're Scared" introduce a greasy, blues-influenced approach to the Nerves sound that would not be out of place next to a band such as the legendary Dead Moon. "Behind the Trees" is a 7 minute burner, it starts with an uncharacteristically subdued groove and works its way up to a fevered pitch of frenzied guitars and propulsive drumming; and to drive the point home the Nerves bring in a stunningly melodic vibraphone! World of Gold finds the Nerves at the top of their game and ready to finish what they started: Bringing true, real rock and roll back to the forefront of modern music.



  • 1 10 Feet Tall
  • 2 Suffering Highway
  • 3 Behind The Trees
  • 4 Rhineway
  • 5 More You're Scared
  • 6 Take It
  • 7 Catch The Day
  • 8 Orange Wine

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