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As the Blood of God Bursts the Veins of Time

Thrill Jockey
Thrill-592 - 2022

As the Blood of God Bursts the Veins of Time is the companion piece to Liturgy's sprawling and ecstatic double album 93696

The mini-album is all new material featuring "93", "36" and "696", a three-movement alternative take on the new album’s title track, as well as "संसार". Both "93696" and "संसार" tease the group's new direction, as well as remind us of the power of this acclaimed band of guitarist and vocalist Ravenna Hunt-Hendrix, guitarist Mario Miron, bassist Tia Vincent-Clark and drummer Leo Didkovsky.

“93696” is a 15-minute through-composed epic, whose dynamics are in constant flux, colored with delicate twinkling bells and measured piano, a surprising counterpoint to the band's usual chaotic, progressive rhythms. Didkovsky’s dexterity and precision behind the kit drives the ensemble’s ferocity and infectious groove in equal measure. Miron’s guitar twirls in dizzying countermelodies to Hunt-Hendrix’s squall as Vincent-Clark’s roaring bass tethers the quartet’s intricate rhythm framework to their melodicism.



  • 1 93
  • 2 36
  • 3 696
  • 4 संसार

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