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Lost Time

Thrill Jockey
Thrill 396 - 2015

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Lost Time is the first collaborative album from drummers Greg Fox and Kid Millions, released on LP only and pressed on virgin vinyl with a free download code.  

 Greg Fox and Kid Millions each approach their drums with a spiritual reverence. Together, they test the boundaries of rhythmic interplay through subtle and ecstatic means. They are often highlights of the groups they’re respectively known for, Liturgy and Oneida, while concurrently leading cutting-edge ensembles and collaborating with some of the most innovative musicians of our time. Explorative by nature, each drummer is constantly challenging themselves and setting new musical goals, and it is these qualities that have made them in demand not only in New York, but through out the world. Lost Time is their first collaborative album, sparked by a mutual admiration and cemented by a deep and abiding friendship that has grown over the past five years. Improvisation is a language, and this album is a dialogue between two skilled musicians whose hunger to cover new musical ground binds them together. Their friendship is not only an essential foundation for, but also a key ingredient of, this display of improvisational and compositional mastery.

Lost Time is comprised of two long pieces that represent opposite ends of a musical spectrum, one blasting and one meditative. “Telegy/Time Lapse” is an astounding array of rhythm and noise, with Fox and Millions using their amplified heartbeats as the backdrop for percussive mayhem. Both musicians are maniacal, playing frantic but precise patterns bolstered by synthesizer loops and bursts of noise programmed by Fox. The incorporation of their heartbeats, the synchronization of their internal and external rhythms, was inspired by Fox’s mentor and legendary free-jazz drummer Milford Graves. “Post Encounter Effect” exists in a space of relative calm, its complexity less conspicuous but no less profound. Fox and Millions play a slow and steady pattern that phases in and out of sync like a slow-motion Reich composition throughout the piece’s 20 minute run- time. Perhaps most surprising is the emphasis on non-percussive instruments, guitars, keyboard, and even trumpet, that provide a tonal base drone and further the rhythmic exchange significantly.

Lost Time was recorded in Brooklyn during two six-hour sessions at opposite ends of 2014. In addition to Oneida, Kid Millions also helms Man Forever and is one half of People of the North. He plays regularly with Laurie Anderson, Jim Sauter, and more. Greg Fox leads Guardian Alien and plays in Zs, and has also played with Ben Frost and Colin Stetson. Both drummers tour constantly and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.



  • 1 Telegy / Time Lapse
  • 2 Post Encounter Effect

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