Super Roots 10

Thrill Jockey
thrill 221 - 2009

After only being released on CD in Japan, Thrill Jockey is proud to bring Super Roots 10 to the US. Super Roots 10 is pressed on two high quality virgin vinyl LPs at RTI and is cut at 45rpm for maximum fidelity. The album comes with a 24” x 24” full color poster that features artwork from EYE!

Long regarded as musical pioneers, Boredoms have continually pushed sonic boundaries and inspired musicians for over 20 years. Their albums and their performances defy categorization, each one a completely unique event. The one commonality is that the members of the Boredoms have amazing technical skills as musicians, limitless imagination and the ability to combine the two - as no others have.

Super Roots 10 features a remix from Norwegian artist Lindstrøm who has released music on the label Smalltown Supersound and has also done remixes for artists as varied as Franz Ferdinand, LCD Soundsystem, and The Juan McClean. Also featured is a remix from Japanese artist Altz who has recorded albums for Bear Funk and Jet Set Records Japan and previously done remixes for the Boredoms in addition to Tal M. Klein, Cro-Magnon, and Harp On Mouth Sextet.

The Boredoms will be playing some very special shows this year. The highly publicized event that is a part of the Tokara The Sun & Moon Festival is going to take place on a Russian ferry in the ocean off the coast of Japan during the height of the upcoming solar eclipse on July 22nd. Boredoms will also be performing Boadrum 9 at Terminal 5 in New York on 09/09/09 and will repeat the performance as part of the Flaming Lips curated ATP Festival at the Kutschers Resort in Monticello on September 13th!

Last but not least, Boredoms fans can expect a new studio album due out in 2010!



  • 1 Ant 10 Original
  • 2 Ant 10 Altz Remix (estereo 10)
  • 3 Ant 10 Lindstrøm Remix
  • 4 Ant 10 Altz Mineral Dub Break Remix

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