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Hoshi No Koe

Thrill Jockey
thrill 094 - 2001

Born in 1968 in Osaka, Japan. Nobukazu Takemura has made a name for himself, as one of electronic music's most exciting and adventurous musicians. Takemura's Thrill Jockey debut, Scope, was released in 1999 to much critical acclaim and the sales to back it up. 2001 promises to further spread Takemura's name with the arrival of two new releases. The first, "Sign", was released as a limited edition 12" and is now sold out (A CD version with Enhanced CD animation by Moshino is expected in the Spring). The second is Hoshi No Koe, which sees Takemura exploring a number of different sounds that have captured his fancy throughout his career. From the baroque innocence of "White Sheep and Small Light" to the digital deconstructionism of "Honey Comb" Takemura draws inspiration from the legends of free jazz, hip-hop and contemporary musique concrete. Takemura's blips and bleeps bubble with exuberant personality. Few electronic composers should ever hope to create music so brimming with playful humanity.



  • 1 One Day
  • 2 Anemometer
  • 3 Honey Comb
  • 4 White Sheep And Small Light
  • 5 Sign (Album Version)
  • 6 A Chrysalis
  • 7 A Theme For Little Animals
  • 8 Trampoline
  • 9 Stairs In Stars
  • 10 In The Room-Roof-Wood
  • 11 The Voice Of A Fish

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