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Thrill Jockey
thrill 12.20 - 2002

A digital companion to the limited edition 12” released in late 2000, this CD features different versions of tracks on the 12” as well as a separate long version of “Meteor.” In addition to that, “Sign” features a bonus CD-ROM cartoon by the man responsible for it’s cover art, Katsura Moshino of Girlstudio fame. Moshino's nightclub flier and poster art for Mo'Wax, Towa Tei, Monday Michiru, Mondo Grosso and others is renowned and coveted. According to Takemura, “Moshino's pictures put his viewers in a strange mood."

Current Takemura fans will be elated by his evident pop direction on the “Sign” track of the CD, which is easily comparable to Meteor, and hopefully the uninitiated will rear their heads as well! “Sign” overflows with warm production and Nobukazu’s ever present unique, charming playfulness and melodically effected robotic vocals. These are unbearably delightful sounds that will have you unconsciously humming for days! “Sign” brings to mind the electronic wizardry of some Mouse on Mars releases or Takemura’s recordings under the Child’s View alias. This is an explicit reminder of why so many folks, including us here at Thrill Jockey, love him so much!

"Cogwheel” is a bit more minimal, yet just as rewarding. A distant heartfelt melody pleasingly works its way through bubbling rhythms matched with catchy beats that are cleverly manipulated with stutters, slips, trips, and glitches. “Souvenir in Chicago” is a collaborative effort featuring Douglas McCombs, Bundy Brown and John McEntire. This recording was captured during Takemura’s brief stay in Chicago during his 1999 U.S. tour. “Souvenir…” is an organic piece of work that is somewhat reminiscent of early Tortoise material. The end result attains an overall epic quality that is resplendent, exquisite and lush.



  • 1 Sign
  • 2 Cogwheel
  • 3 Souvenir in Chicago
  • 4 Meteor

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