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Thrill Jockey
thrill 068 - 1999

Nobukazu Takemura was born in Osaka in August of 1968. His interest in music began with Punk and New Wave at the ripe old age of ten. By the time he reached Junior High, Takemura was recording music with keyboards and two tapedecks. Working in a record store, Takemura became exposed to Free Jazz, Contemporary Music and Hip Hop - the foundation for his music composition and theory for re-mixing. By High School, Nobukazu had several regular dj gigs and was composing music.

Creatively, Nobukazu Takemura is inspired by both the "impressionist and objective conception" of John Cage, Brian Eno and Africa Bambaata, and the free form creativity of John Coltrane and Robert Wyatt. These influences are evident in his debut solo release, 1994’s eponymous Child’s View. Child’s View and the accompanying single, For Tomorrow, garnered not only critical acclaim in Japan but recognition throughout the world. 1997 saw the release of two records from Takemura; the second Child’s View record, Child and Magic and Changing Hands, a collaboration with Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri. Child and Magic was selected for the soundtrack for the Center of Civil Rights Protection’s film entitled "Human Rights Watch." Takemura has also recorded or performed as Spiritual Vibes, Audio Sports and Kool Jazz Productions.

Scope is Nobukazu’s debut Thrill Jockey full-length. The five tracks all vary widely in style. Some focus on repetitive grooves that gradually transform into symphonies of delicately layered waves of sound while others offer organ based melodies and alluringly stretched vocals. Also evident are intricate conversations between blips and bleeps that have more personality than half the humans you know. Put away your b.p.m. counters, this is modern technology morphing Musique Concrete.



  • 1 On A Balloon
  • 2 Kepler
  • 3 Taw
  • 4 Icefall
  • 5 Tiddler

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