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In Away

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Thrill Jockey
SPJP1 - 2021

CD includes exclusive track, not available anywhere else! Orders will also be shipped with an exclusive postcard featuring art print of cover artwork. 

Sam Prekop is an artist whose music is painted in hues all his own. Both solo and as part of The Sea and Cake, Prekop’s distinct and lithe compositions distill his ceaseless curiosity into bracingly sublime music. In Away follows Prekop’s 2020 LP Comma and takes the next steps into his new compositional approach to crafting more overtly rhythm-based modular synthesized pieces, deftly whittled into vivid pop prisms. Working this time with both modular synthesis and keyboard-based synths, Prekop obscures the line between architectural sequencing and subtle performances. The resulting pieces levitate effortlessly from delicate atmospheres to rippling dances with Prekop’s guiding hand gently leading each movement towards the stirringly unfamiliar.

The six buoyant pieces on In Away were developed through Prekop’s daily practice of manipulating new systems of modular synthesis, recording, and deep listening. Acting as a curator to his own museum of sounds, Prekop poured over hours of improvisations using different modular combinations to select compelling moments which could act as a framework for his arrangements. His unique approach to shifting texture and juxtaposing timbres then layered each frame with minute details and potent melody. The Buchla 208c scintillates and plucks with near-acoustic tones atop a bed of warm drones. Lightly sizzling percussion throbs beneath coursing cascades. Each moment strikes a meticulous balance between captivating surprise and gratifying outcome.

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