White Sky

Carrot Top Records
saki-022 - 1999

While White Sky continues in the same vein as Prewitt's solo debut In The Sun, it is most undoubtedly the work of a more mature, more focused, reflective and confident singer, songwriter, musician and arranger. The album moves from the lush, fully orchestrated pop of the opener "Raise on High", "White Sky", and "Final Season", through strong driving rock cuts like "Motorcycles" and bittersweet, introspective, Nick Drake-ish ballads such as "Shake", the fragile baritone flute strains of "Summer's End" and the final, acoustic guitar, strings & lilting flute strains of "I'll Be Waiting". Recorded shortly after their return from tour, "White Sky" benefits from their newfound cohesion, especially the intricate and well executed string and horn arrangements of Mertens and Prewitt.

Archer's musical accompaniment comes from the same group of top flight musicians as his debut, including Steve Goulding (drums-Mekons, Poi Dog Pondering, Graham Parker), Paul Mertens (sax, flute-Brian Wilson, Poi, Chicago Jazz Ensemble), Dave Crawford (horns, keys-Poi), Susan Voelz (strings-Poi), Mark Greenberg (bass-Coctails, Log Letters), and Edith Frost (vocals). Once again, Kingsize's Ken Sluiter has played the role of sonic mastermind at the control board adding many nice touches as well.


  • 1 Raise On High
  • 2 Shake
  • 3 White Sky
  • 4 Summer's End
  • 5 Last Summer Days
  • 6 Walking On The Farm
  • 7 Motorcycles
  • 8 Final Season
  • 9 I'll Be Waiting

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