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The Sea and Cake

Thrill Jockey
thrill 016 - 1994

Where it all began! Take a trip back to 1994 on either white or black wax.

The Sea and Cake features Sam Prekop and Eric Claridge formerly of Shrimp Boat, Archer Prewitt of the Coctails and John McEntire of Tortoise. This self-titled debut offers a mix of jazzy rhythms and laid-back grooves perfect for slow days. Recorded by Brad Wood and Casey Rice (Liz Phair) in September of '93 at Idful Studios.  A classic essential for any fan and guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

“The Sea and Cake’s buoyant debut is a breath of fresh air, an utterly distinctive and innovative work that expands the scope of frontman Sam Prekop’s work in the great Shrimp Boat to incorporate a new fascination with Afro-Caribbean rhythms and textures. Recorded by Brad Wood, the album simply glows -- Prekop’s dry vocals and free-associative lyrics skip along a shimmering and lushly pastoral backdrop that nimbly fuses pop, soul, jazz, and even prog rock; tracks like “Jacking the Ball,” “Flat Lay the Water,” and “Showboat Angel” are as seductive as they are elusive.” - All Music




  • 1 Jacking The Ball
  • 2 Polio
  • 3 Bring My Car I Feel To Smash It
  • 4 Flat Lay The Water
  • 5 Choice Blanket
  • 6 Culabra Cut
  • 7 Bombay
  • 8 Showboat Angel
  • 9 So Long To The Captain
  • 10 Lost In Autumn

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