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Two Gentlemen

Thrill Jockey
thrill 048 - 1997

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Two Gentlemen consists of three remixes from some of Chicago's finest and two new songs from The Sea and Cake. The first remix is by Bundy K. Brown (directions in music) who recently completed a successful spinning tour of England. The second remix is by Designer a.k.a. Casey Rice, who has two 12" singles out on Soul Static Sound and Organico. Casey was part of Chicago's Deadly Dragon Sound System and regularly spins some evil drum and bass in Chicago clubs. Designer has done remixes for Tortoise and The Make Up among others. The third remix comes courtesy of Jim O'Rourke (Gastr del Sol ) Aside from solo recordings on Table of the Elements and Happy records Jim has found time to remix Microstoria and Tortoise, and to record Edith Frost, Smog, and Stephen Prina. These remixes are part bass, part boogie, part abstract, part disco, part electronic. Each part adding up to complete bliss.

Highlighting the more electronic end of things, "early chicago" and "the sewing machine" are generated strictly from a keyboard, sequencer and a sampler. The songs serve up The Sea & Cake's subtle grooves and melodies on an entirely new platter.



  • 1 Kryptonite Smokes The Red Line
  • 1 The Cheech Wizard Meets Baby Ultraman In The Cool Blue Cave (Short Stories About Birds, Trees And The Sports Life Wherever You Are) [Remix]
  • 2 Rinky-Dink O.S. Type Rip [Remix]
  • 3 I Took The Oppportunity To Antique My End Table [Remix]
  • 4 Early Chicago
  • 5 The Sewing Machine

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