12.21 500

Actionist Respoke

Thrill Jockey
thrill 12.21 - 2001

The first tasty treat to be unleashed from Mouse on Mars’ 7th album, Idiology, “Actionist Respoke” marks yet another leap forward for Mouse on Mars. A head on collision of frenetic scratching, deconstructed house vocals and pulsating beats that represent MoM’s darkest grooves yet. “Actionist” is presented here in two forms. The first will also be found on Idiology and is a concise statement of purpose, letting all in earshot know that these sonic terrorists are for real; the second finds the Dusseldorf duo giving the song room to breathe, as the rhythm takes on a life of it’s own. To bring it all together MoM find themselves in the studio with Herbert (aka Doctor Rockit) in a more relaxed, yet still devious mood, giving the EP a fine sense of closure.



  • 1 Actionist Respoke
  • 2 Actionist Extension
  • 3 DJ Collapse (Mouse on Mars & Herbert)

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