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Thrill Jockey
thrill 035 - 1996

_snd 2xLP reissue with Init Ding now available here!

_snd was recorded partly in Berlin and partly in Cologne. Markus Popp and Jan St. Werner used classical improvisation techniques to create source material for mixing. This recording was done on high end digital equipment utilizing cutting edge digital sound editing as well as instruments and their digitally implemented equivalents.

Following the acclaimed debut Init Ding, _snd compiles a detailed profile of an alternative vocabulary for today's digital music media. _snd emphasizes the sublte, introspective exploration of contemporary digital hard and software tools. Microstoria concentrates on minute musical details, in order to end up with a smooth succession of carefully sampled soundframes, replayed in "slow motion". Microstoria challenges the conventional concept of music. They remove many compositional boundries. Freed from traditional concepts of time, verse, even structure, Microstoria explores tone and texture creating depth and form out of abstractions. Subtle tonal changes trigger major alterations in form and "depth" when juxtaposed. The nature of improvisition is altered by the clear and precise editing descisions. It is this parodixical arrangement that mirrors the aformetioned paradox of the organic sound/feel of the music and the mechanical origins. Microstoria's music, like many forms of abstraction, reveals it's complexion upon close inspection.



  • 1 Sleepy People / Network Down
  • 2 Teil Zeit
  • 3 Per Formal
  • 4 Feld
  • 5 Endless Summer NAMM
  • 6 Work Place
  • 7 Bpi
  • 8 Quit Not Save

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