Thrill Jockey
thrill 042 - 1997

Reprovisers is a presentation of revivals of tracks from their recent snd. Reprovisers is intended as a tribute to an outstanding approach to electronic music in general as well as an extension of the concept of improvisation.

The Microstoria approach always centered around a contemporarily refined, augmented version of improvisation - even though not necessarily in the strict musical/artistic sense of the term. "Improvisation" rather denoted a navigational effort, describing the delicate task to coordinate, synchronize and shift between multiple interrelated desktop-workspaces - steering through tons of options, devastated by bugs, encouraged by features, keeping a constant workflow all whilst making musical concerns a priority. On their previous albums init ding and snd, Microstoria brought back an intuitive feel by relying on musicality rather than on the mere execution of implemented features and pre-installed presets - transforming awareness for the digital sound design workflow into improvisation. Composition was not abandoned and occured in the legnthy and detailed editing process.

Reprovisers takes Microstoria’s exploration of improvisation and composition a step further. The collaborators were given full artisitic liscense to alter tracks through manipulation (remix) or augmentation. The response depended greatly on the artists and their prefrence for improvisationand/or composition and their choice of instrumentation and/or mechanation. The results deliver snd reconsiderations in styles ranging from painstaking approximations to drastic tranformations; utilizing a whole variety of approaches and methods from live electronics to songwriting, from orchestral arrangements to software authoring. There is the first ever remix by Stereolab, a Microstoria emulation by electronic sound innovators Oval, an orchestral version by US-composer Jim O'Rourke as well as interventions by the likes of Mouse On Mars, UI (New York), Tokyo-based composer Christophe Charles, Japanese noise/tape loop merchants Violent Onsen Geisha, the cologne-based Otaku music wiz F.X. Randomiz and more. All this adds up to an exceptional 70+ minutes documenting the state of art in cool contemporary freestyle.



  • 1 microstoria remix - per formal [C-Schulz & Hajsch]
  • 2 Run? I jolly well won't run [Ui]
  • 3 endless summer NAMM [Violent Onsen Geisha]
  • 4 pull mol - per formal [Mouse On Mars]
  • 5 yaun twais oy - per formal [FX Randomiz]
  • 6 microstoria runtime engine [Oval]
  • 7 microlab: endless summer [Stereolab]
  • 8 NAMM weekend pass mix [Jim O'Rourke]
  • 9 Teil Zeit [Christoph Heemann]
  • 10 Feld C - Feld 1 [Christophe Charles]
  • 11 microstoria _snd [Nicolas Collins]

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