init ding

Thrill Jockey
thrill 031 - 1995

Init Ding 2xLP reissue with _snd now available here!

Microstoria is a collaboration between Markus Popp (Oval) and Jan St. Werner (Mouse On Mars). The resulting music is an electronic soundtrack, not without structure, not without melody. The "instruments" used are what could be seen as their successors- machines and digital technology. Where Oval excludes authorship of music, Microstoria explores authorship, especially in relation to improvisation. The tones used in composition are mechanized, yet paradoxically rich. The resulting pieces are organic in feel, a striking result when viewed in context with their origins.

Once, instruments were physical entities connecting the creative individual through intuition and technical skill to the almost metaphysical world of music. The distinction between computing device and a "musical instrument" was increasingly blurred since the 1950s; however, it left the composer in charge of his/her machinery. More recently in the 1990s things have merged into one computer-based (formerly "programmable" or "computer controlled") authoring environment — still fully capable of hosting the residual "old" music media as well as its terminology. The transition from the 50s perspective to the 90s put an already well introduced component of music production newly into focus: software-rendering the composer the designer. Atavisitic concepts like an "instrument" end up as a tutorial vocabulary, or in other words a helpful software metaphore. Microstoria has goals and tasks for the near future: music as organized acoustic and music as software.



  • 1 16 : 9
  • 2 Slap Top
  • 3 File Care
  • 4 Ecclectrig
  • 5 Fund
  • 6 Zuhause
  • 7 Edu
  • 8 Pokus
  • 9 Communerism
  • 10 Dokumint

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