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Cache Coer Naif

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Thrill Jockey
thrill 043 - 1997

MOUSE ON MARS formed in 1993 When Andi Toma, from Dusseldorf, and Jan St. Werner, from Cologne, met at a death metal concert and decided to form a band. Their first release was a single "frosch"- lfo/krautrock toytown toonz. So fresh were the sounds that critics were at a loss for words: "One Man's thingy is another man's wotsit." - melody maker. Their debut LP "Vulvaland" was released in 1994.

After some time spent collaborating with Markus Popp of Oval as Microstoria, Jan St Werner returned his attentions to Mouse on Mars. Their second lp "Iaora Tahiti " was released in 1995. Iaora Tahiti featured Wolfgang Flur (ex kraftwerk) and Dodo Nkishi on percussion. Finally some words were found "fully avant garde but still soulful....the textural range is staggering" melody maker. Iaora Tahiti was named as a record of the year in the melody maker. Two singles followed "Bib" and "Saturday Night World Sup Fieber." 1996 was spent working on various remixes, tracks for compilations, and creating a soundtrack for a film "Glam" - (contains sordid scenes with Tony Danza). In between these projects Werner worked on two additional Microstoria records. Late 1996 Werner and Toma had some friends for a visit. The result is " Cach Coer Naif". Laetitia Sadier and Mary Hansen provide the souring vocals and Toma and Werner the round bulbous tones. The result is a futuristic pop delight.


  • 1 cache coer naif
  • 2 schnick-schnack
  • 3 lasergum
  • 4 glim

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